Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #9 “Flannel Friday & Greenwich Scavenger Hunt” *Pomona Spoilers*

Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #9 “Flannel Friday & Greenwich Scavenger Hunt”

11th of September 2015

Flannel Friday was a success: at least 6 people were wearing flannels to commemorate the special day.


My day started out shitty, because Warren offered me black tea, but I couldn’t respond fast enough due to my shitty phone signal, so I didn’t get tea.

My day got even more shitty in theatre, when people were saying the most stupid comments about Pomona.

“I didn’t understand when it was a flash back or a flash forward and I didn’t know how to tell which twin was twin.”



1. It’s SUPPOSED to be confusing, and even then, it was really obvious when they were doing a flash forward or flash back. That’s what the light effects were for.


“The actress was subpar, and she lost her accent within the first act and the acting overall wasn’t very believable blah blah blah blah”

-Word Problems

OK, first, buy a vowel and buy some punctuation. Girl, you need to stop talking. You talk too much.

While the acting may or may not have been the best, that wasn’t the point. What made the play was the writing and the story line. THAT was the main point. The actors did a fine job of carrying the story all the way through.

Basically, all the analysis made on this play was shallow, and it was encouraged, because our fucking professor didn’t even know what the hell was going on half the time.

And now, stupid things the theatre professor gets confused about:

1. Obviously, he didn’t understand the play. He did not know there was no twin sister.

2. He did not know anything about the stupid Yoda thing. He was completely shocked when he heard the “secret” behind the whole trick.

3. He asked about the Berkeley cheer, “Go Bears,” and it was just the most awkward thing in the world. “It’s not an environmental thing, is it?” Dear Lord.

Well, anyway, after theatre, we went to Greenwich. It was beautiful. It was amazing. I fell in love. We took the tube first then transferred onto the DLR. Warren thought this was the fricking Direct London Rail, but no. It’s the Docklands Light Rail.

Anyway, people were trying to test their balance on it by standing without holding on to any railings. It was only fun to watch them lose balance.

So, we finally get to Greenwich, and I just thought it was absolutely gorgeous.

Oh, I got excited, because I thought Mikayla wasn’t going to be there, but SHE WAS.

Look at how adorable she is when she isn’t crying.

I took the opportunity to have some photos taken of myself, because I can.

We did this scavenger hunt, and oh my god, it was so much fun but so stressful at the same time. Where do I even begin?

So I teamed up with Salsa, Warren, Chilipino, and The Indian. We were Team Flannel.

I might post more pictures from this day tomorrow or later, because I’m too lazy to find the people who have some more pictures. I think I’m going to make a separate post with details of the scavenger hunt and photos from it. Yeah, that’s what’s going to happen, because I’m exhausted.

But yeah. Warren and I really took the hunt seriously…too seriously. I ran around a lot. My feet hurt. Salsa and The Indian gravitated towards benches a lot, which slowed us down, and they eventually left.

I was so happy to see my boyfriend just pop out of nowhere, like a movie scene. I was so excited, I ran to him and leaped into his arms, and it was kinda romantic, kinda cute, kinda cringe-worthy.

We wanted to do more, but we left our bags at the building where our classrooms are, and even though we tried getting back as soon as we could, the building was closed. Warren is currently very devastated over the temporary loss of his laptop. I hope they get reunited.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say for now, because I’m really too tired to write more, and without photos from the scavenger hunt, it’s very hard to describe what happened sometimes. Well, honestly, it’s not that interesting anyway now that I think about it.


1. Do scavenger hunts, but wear running shoes or something.

2. Bring water at all times.

3. Bring a backpack or something.

4. Don’t leave said backpack in a building that is NOT open very long.


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