Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #5 “Oh that’s right…weekdays exist”

Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #5 “Oh that’s right…weekdays exist”

7th of September 2015

It’s Monday, but since it’s college, it honestly does not matter as much. All days seem to blend together when you only have 3 to 5 hours of class (at most) each day.

Naturally, today was one of my more uninteresting days. I wish something funny happened. Maybe if I keep typing I’ll think of something.

I was sick today, so I went to class lightheaded and blowing my nose every ten seconds. Usually, I can think my own thoughts and listen to a teacher speak at the same time, but today, whenever I would think, I would lose myself and forget that I’m in a fucking classroom. Well, it didn’t matter anyway, because I wasn’t prepared for class discussion. My asshole second-rate friends didn’t tell me that we had been split up into groups and had something specific to read online when I had asked them, “What are we supposed to do for English?” about a thousand times. They had a thousand chances to tell me what’s up, but they didn’t so~. Yeah, I know I was absent last class, but it’s not like I wanted to be absent. Psh.

After class, I didn’t just want to go straight home, so I went around looking for something sturdier to hold up my wall decorations (refer to post #3). I went into this office supply haven called Paperchase, and I died. I have this thing where I love office supplies. I love office depot, but this place was like Michaels meets Office Depot meets aesthetic. There were 3 levels of pure joy. I saw so many different adhesives, fabrics, gift wraps, party supplies, notebooks, binders, shelves, etc. I cried.

Then I got back to my flat and slept for four hours. I remember hearing Chilipino knocking on my door. My head said, “say something,” my body said, “…” So, Chilipino went away thinking I was either hiding or not in. I guess you could say I was both in a way.

After my nap, I went into the next door flat and just chilled. Nothing special happened besides Warren being in a super bad mood. How can I tell?

– He looked really angry the whole time.

– Our only conversation went like this:

Me: “What are you drinking?”

Warren: “Tea.”


Right now, Chilipino is making ratatouille, and he threw some shade at Sandy:

Chilipino: “I’m making ratatouille.”

Sandy: “That’s so gay. The only thing that would make that gayer is if he played his gay music, which he always does.”

Chilipino: “Oh but Sandy I really like your music choice too – all three of your songs.”

*Shade noise from RuPaul’s Drag Race*

OK, so when I was trying to get Chilipino to recount that whole experience for me so that I could write it in my blog, my fucking boyfriend made me cry when he said that I have no material.

Currently in a bad mood now.

So Mikayla just came in from her date on a ship with a sailor.  She said it was boring and he wasn’t cute. Plot twist – she liked the captain more.

What she had to say about it:

“I got a free boat ride.”

I’m tired and sad, so I forgot to add the usual ending to my posts


1. Don’t mention you’re writing a blog in front of assholes.

2. Go on a date with a clipper ship sailor – maybe you’ll meet a cute captain.

3. Don’t make out with someone who’s sick. You’re going to get sick.


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