Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #4 “Where did my day go?”

Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #4 “Where did my day go?”

6th of September 2015

So I may or may not have gotten a bit buzzed last night and played 4 hours worth of Fallout 3 and slept at 5 am. Oops. Anyway, I woke up at 18:43 cold and with a headache.

I was hungry, so I made myself some pasta, but I remembered that I left my tupperware in my friends’ flat next door, so I went there and got it. But um, I left my key in my room, so I locked myself out. I freaked out, because I didn’t want my fucking pasta to harden.

Eventually though, I did get back inside. Sadly enough, that was the highlight of my day.

But then Mikayla comes in like this:

*knock knock knock*

Me: fuck I have to get up and-

Mikayla: Haha jk it’s open.

Then she went over how she got a date with some sailor guy. He gave her his number by writing it on a napkin and giving it to her. How retro.

So, right now she’s cutting a plastic bag up.

This post was meant to just go over how I wasn’t going to make a post over my day, but uh. Oh.


When Mikayla gets scared she grabs boobs. How do we know this? Chilipino popped a bubble in some plastic and Mustache pushed him at the same time to scare him, but he scared Mikayla instead and she was groping herself.

Also might just make a blogspot or some other website making site thing for this, but will still share on Tumblr.


So my boyfriend said he wanted to make a quesadilla, but he refused to share, so we all went up to Mikayla’s flat and stated that he was not invited at all. I think he got butthurt. In the elevator, Mikayla said she didn’t have basil, and Mustache said he had basil, so Chilipino did his little bitch run to stop the elevator at the next floor and Mustache ran all the way down just to come back up and say there was none.

Then when we got to the flat, Ambiguous Asian got all juiced about her date. She death dropped. It was cute.

Then Giggles, Pocahontas, and others came in, and everyone got all freaked out over something, I don’t understand:


was all I heard.

Now I’m looking at Giggles and see that she’s eating ice cream. It’s possible she said she wasn’t going to share and that’s what they were screaming her name over. These girls really love their food.

Seeing as my night is evolving into something more exciting, there may be more to come.

Quesadillas were good:

Displaying image1.JPG
Me Eating Quesadilla by Mikayla


1. Don’t get too carried away with video games.

2. Think harder about making people’s fake names, because apparently some people feel like they got the short end of the stick.

3. Don’t sleep until 18:43 pm.

4. Protect your boobs.


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