Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #3 “Fallout, Females, and First Trip”

Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #3 “Fallout, Females, and First Trip”

4th and 5th of September 2015

So I forgot some interesting things to add in my last posts. This might happen for the next few posts, because I randomly remember things that happened before I started the blog that I hadn’t written about.

Random stuff:

– So I’ve been clubbing more than I expected, and I remember the first time I went to a club, it was technically a gay bar called Ku. I went with Sandy, Mustache, Chilipino (gay & 50% Filipino friend, 25% Mexican, and 25% Puerto Rican), and Whitezican (White Mexican guy). So all we did was drink and talk to this British guy, whom was tall, skinny, and sorta looked like the guy who starred in Life After Beth and played Harry Osborn from the Amazing Spiderman 2. When we asked him about what he would like to do in America or London, this is usually how he responded:

“I go for the shops.”

“I heard Hawaii is a tax haven.”


“I don’t have money. My partner has money. We have money.”

So that was an experience.

The second I went to a club, it was the same group, except without Chilipino. So we get to Xoyo and the line is long – there’s an hour wait. We decided there was nowhere else to go so we just waited. Shortly after we arrived, three British dudes came. I don’t remember their names, but one was tall and cocky, one was short and quiet, and another was Black and loud. I don’t think they’re worth coming up names for, so they’re just going to be Guy 1, Guy 2, and Guy 3 respectively. So I don’t remember the exact conversation but Guy 1 and Whitezican were bascially being fuckboys together, Guy 2 stood quietly, and Sandy was the victim of Guy 1, Guy 3, and Whitezican’s terrible, offensive humor. Whitezican pointed out that Sandy doesn’t shave her underarms, so he had her show them for proof. Guy 1 and Guy 2 were OK, but Guy 3 acted as if it was the most disgusting thing he’s ever seen. So stupid.

We finally got into Xoyo, but it was hot, filled with desperate straight white men, and had terrible music, so we didn’t stay long. Sandy got the most action, dancing on some French guy and Frenching him before leaving. She felt bad though, because she has someone back in the States. They’re “broken up,” but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel anything for each other.

On the way home, Sandy and Whitezican got into a little fight over who was being the most messed up and dramatic in that conversation with the British guys. It went something like this:

Sandy: “You were fucking around with those guys huh?”

Whitezican: “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Sandy: “You guys were getting along.”

Whitezican: “Oh is that really it?” *sounds butthurt already*

Sandy: “Uh yeah.”

Whitezican: *points at all three of us* “Screw all of you for telling them I was a conservative.”

Sandy: “Well you are compared to us.”

Whitezican: “Just because I don’t care about social activism doesn’t mean I’m not a liberal. Social activism is a very small part of being a liberal.”

Sandy: “No, it’s not.”

-some more stuff later-

Whitezican: “By the way, why did you want to leave so soon? Weren’t you with that guy?”

Sandy: “Yeah, but I didn’t want to deal with the aftermath of it all. And I felt bad for [insert her person’s name here]. I would get jealous if he/she kissed someone else.”

Whitezican: “You’re being dramatic…”

-some more stuff later-

Whitezican: “Whatever. I always win (at conversations/arguments/debates)”

So that was some of my clubbing experience so far.

There’s a group of girls here who are really tight with each other, and they’re called… the Dyke Pack (fake name for their group), which is made up of Mikayla, Ambiguous Asian, Miss Model, and BoHo + Giggles (fake name) and Pocahontas (fake name). I’m in love with them. They’re all so great, and part of me might just be saying that cause they’ve given me free food and alcohol. But no, really. They’re hilarious, beautiful, and full of life. I adore them. They’re worth mentioning, because they’ll come up again later in this post.

So things piss me off a lot, as you all can already tell, and I just remembered the main reason why I don’t like Lindsay as a flatmate: bitch fucking took my Tupperware without asking and took forever to return it. Look, Sandy and I bought a pack of 3 Tupperware, and I paid for 1. Sandy took one and lent another one to someone else, so the last empty one was mine. However, Lindsay assumed she could just use whatever and filled it with her rice. When I told her it was mine, and I would need it soon, she said she would give it to me empty and cleaned by the next day. It had rice in it for four days after that. So yeah. I got passive aggressive. I still throw shade at her about it.

^I’m not sure if I already mentioned that in my earlier posts, but it’s worth mentioning again.

Also, Warren, while he’s one of my favorite people, can be an asshole. There’s this thing he does where he just says his opinion as though it were a fact regardless of whether it’s going to hurt people or not.


Me: “Are you going to Stratford Upon Avon with us this weekend?”

Him: “Well what is it?”

Me: “Basically Shakespeare’s birthplace.”

Him: “Yeah, sounds boring. I’m gonna pass.”

Me: “Well OK.”

*Here’s where the conversation could have ended peacefully*

Him: “There are way more interesting things you could do.”

Me: “Well depends on who you are.”

Him: “Everyone.”

-Another Example-

Me: *Attempts to imitate Mikayla’s voice, pointing out some of the funny shit she’s said.*

Him: *for the umpteenth time*”You don’t do her impression well at all.”

Me:…”That was annoying. Actually, that was so annoying I’m going to leave.” *leaves for real*

So yeah, our relationship.

OK time to talk about what has happened these past couple of days.


So, I had to wait for Chilipino and others to get ready for class, and so I ended up Soccer Mom walking the whole way to class, because I absolutely did not want to be late. I felt dehydrated afterwards, and there was no water at all. I suffered for the first half of class.

During that class, our teacher was talking about the Latin origin of the word “trivia.” He said it came from “tri” and “via,” and he pronounced via with the v sound rather than the w sound. Under her breath, Spells (this really weird quiet girl who is into Latin and horses and racially homogeneous places) kept saying, “it’s wee uh, not vee uh.”


I got Fallout 3, and I’m so angry, because, even though it’s my game, my boyfriend plays it all the freaking time. He sleeps in the morning and wakes up at night now.

We played the video game “together” and ate some pizza, when the Dyke Pack came by the flat and invited me to go out. Basically it went like this with them:

Them: “Come up with us. We’re gonna get hammered and go out to Roxy.”

Me: “No, I have to get up early tomorrow.”

Them: “Please. You don’t have to go out. You could just hang with us.”

Me: “Well, ok. I guess I could just come back down afterwards.”

*** In their flat ***

Random conversation:

Miss Model: “The cookies are uneven.”

Mikayla: “I like them uneven.”


Mikayla closed a door on Miss Model’s finger.

I had a hard time finding their bathroom(s), because there’s so many rooms and halls, and I accidentally went into someone’s room.

As I watched the girls get ready for the club, I somehow got convinced to go, so I got ready too.

So the Dyke Pack + Giggles and Pocahontas, Sandy, Whitezican, Mustache, and I went to the club. On the way there, some guys saw all us girls with Whitezican and got all surprised about him being with all “THESE GIRLS!!!”

I had a weird night on my own, because the bouncer winked at me and blew a kiss at me. Then this random British guy in a suit comes up to me:

Him: “What’s your name?”

Me: “Renee”

Him: “I think you’re really sexy.” *Points at Mustache* “Is that your boyfriend?”

Me: “Actually my boyfriend is back in my flat.”

*He leaves*

Another guy was just creepily standing by and came up to me and we had the same conversation as the earlier one, but this time everyone around me kept yelling at him, “She has a boyfriend!” and they kept pulling him away from me, because he was touching me inappropriately. He comes up to me and says, “What makes you think I want to sleep with you?” And I was thinking, “Uh, the way you’re touching me?” Anyway, he stuck around for a bit then finally left. Phew.

Regardless of the guys, I had so much fun at Roxy with everyone. It was a really great time, because they’re all such amazing people. I will go into further detail about these people in the separate post I’m going to make specifically describing my friends.



We couldn’t afford to go to any of the attractions, so guess what we did?


I was happy that I found a Poundland and got decorations for my flat.

So, we went to a Starbucks before going and twice while we were there.

We saw an emo dad on the way there. He had long black bangs, a green hoodie, lip piercings, a bunch of girly bags on one hand, and his daughter’s hand in the other. It was so weird.

Earlier, I went to Stratford Upon Avon in April, when I went with my Orchestra, and I had ice cream, but it fell on the street. So, I went to the same exact ice cream stand with the same exact lady and got the same exact ice cream. I finished it this time. Fuck yeah.

Chilipino and I went through a park and sat down at a bench, and he tried teaching me how to make the uvular sound. I kept trying and trying to the point where Chilipino had to say, “Damn, it’s OK,” and made me stop.

Random Photos:

We finally got back to London, and there was this guy biking, and here is what he said:

“Tony Blair… President of the United States. Down with America.”

So now I’m home. and Mikayla is here. She cried over elephants. She’s trying to get Warren to see pictures of her dogs and asking if he wants a milkshake and/or beers. I think she’s drunk.


1. Don’t go to the club the night before you have to wake up early in the morning.

2. Don’t let your nerdy boyfriend play your video game. He will hog it and forget you exist and keep you up at night.

– Renee


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