Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #2 “Renee, The Bad Ghost”

Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #2 “Renee, The Bad Ghost”

3rd of September (the actual day) 2015

So first of all, my stupid alarm didn’t go off, so I missed class. It was stupid.

So I spent most of my day in my room, but then Warren saved me from myself when he invited me to go to Primark to get stuff. I did. I got jewelry, a belt, and some tights… because I WAS going to use a garter belt with some thigh highs, but it didn’t work out… yeah.

So we’re in the Underground on the way back from Primark…

Warren: Lindsay’s here, don’t look.

Me: Oh my god. Left or Right?

Him: Left.

Me: How far?

Him: About a dozen people.

So we spend the whole way back home trying to follow her, but not too closely so we can make sure we don’t end up getting back to the flats at the same time and have to talk to her.

I totally forgot to mention this in my old post but the fire alarms are so sensitive here. In the first week, there would be fire alarms in the middle of the night and we’d have to get out of the building. It was really annoying. So, my friends from the next flat over devised a system to avoid triggering the alarm:

-one person takes a bowl and covers the sensor.

-Another person fans out the smoke by opening and closing the door repeatedly.

-Other people go and try to open as many doors and windows as possible.

So we had to do this today when Echo (He is called this because he always repeats what Warren says) was trying to cook cheese on something and the cheese burned.


We were talking about Salsa (another fake name) having this super power of making goosebumps appear just using his mind and how he would be kicked out of Prof. Xavier’s academy for X-men. Prof. X would be saying all this kind stuff but then, using his mind tricks, he would put in Salsa’s mind random insults about how worthless he is. Then this turned into a discussion of how people would just cheat on tests or talk about people using that power.

Then it somehow got into the topic of ghosts and we all took turns saying really bad things to say to someone:

Salsa: “You should kill yourself~”

Me: “You think you have friends? Well new for you: you don’t.”

Long pause.

Warren and Salsa: You would make a terrible ghost.

Then they talked about me saying stupid shit if I were haunting someone.

“You were adopted” to a Black child with two white parents.

“You won’t have enough chips for your salsa”

and more stupid shit.

Long story short, they said they should make a comic strip called “Renee, the Bad Ghost.”

I keep forgetting about random stories that happened earlier so here:

– Mustache (fake name) and I started this prank where we turn off the light when someone’s in the bathroom, because the light switch is outside the bathroom.

– I was drinking tea when Mikayla (fake name) made me laugh and all my tea that I was drinking got spit out onto Salsa’s face. It was embarrassing.

– Instead of actual desks, we have to use lap trays. It’s annoying.

– I’m annoyed because my boyfriend is hanging with “his boy”

As I’m writing this blog, people keep trying to find out what my blog is called so they can see what their fake names are… Thank God for my fast reflexes.

My friends are quite the characters so I might make a separate post where I just describe shit about them.

So Salsa was scooting away from the dining table into Warren, Echo, and the Indian’s room, and when we looked for him, we saw a chair, but no Salsa.

Echo was in the room the whole time but because he never looked up from his laptop, he didn’t even know where Salsa was.

I freaked out because I thought it was a whole rouse against me and they would try to scare me again (It’s a thing that Leo (fake name) started back in Berkeley).

Nope. He was just under the desk fucking around.

So we started a thing called Flannel Fridays, because Warren, David, and I have the same flannel.

Also,in my friends’ flat, Mikayla cut up all her credit cards to small, little bits because she was afraid someone would steal her identity. Now, there’s random bits of plastic wherever I go in this flat.

Tips for random shit now:

1. Don’t buy cheap garter belts

2. Don’t trust alarm clocks.

3. Be wary of fire alarms.

4. Get a shredder for your credit cards so you don’t have to cut it up.

5. Have multiple ways to get home just in case you want to avoid someone.


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