Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #18 “Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes”

Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #18 “Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes”

13th of October 2015 – Tuesday

Today, before class, Chilipino told me an interesting story. Apparently, Lindsay was telling him and Meow about our flat drama. First, according to Lindsay, we did have drama when people ate things that didn’t belong to them, but this was caused by people not labeling their stuff. In this world, we can eat or take anything – as long as it isn’t labelled. Then, she asserted that we have equal space.

Please note that all this stuff is communal and can fit on one shelf.
I rest my case.

 Pay attention to the second shelf from the top. That is divided between Lindsay and I. 

This is what that same shelf looks like when I take out my stuff. Please note how most of the shelf is still occupied. Equality my ass.

OK this part is my favorite part.

 This is all of Virginia’s stuff. All of this. It is also very deep. 

This is Sandy’s, Spriggan’s, and My shelf from top to bottom. You can see that it is not nearly as big nor as deep as Virginia’s. 

Here is a cabinet the same size as Virginia’s own personal cabinet split between Lindsay and Girl with the Back Tattoo. Here you can see exactly how deep the shelves are here as opposed to the pretty shallow shelves that are in the cabinet I share with 2 other people.

I will admit that this is partially my fault because I should’ve been better at looking at the kitchen space and communicating with my flatmates. But still, this is NOT as equal as Lindsay believes it is. 

Moving on.

Warren and I have this thing where, when we see this:

either one of us asks the other, “Hey, do you know how much a McDonald’s burger costs? I have no idea.” And we keep that going until we

Because, I mean, look at this.


It’s honestly so ridiculous. Why have this many ads so close together in ONE station?

Today’s highlight was playing Keep Talking and Now One Explodes. 

It’s this amazing game where several people attempt to defuse a bomb. The thing is, only one person can look at the bomb, and everyone else – except the person who can see the bomb – can look at the manual. It is up to the “bomb experts” to explain how to defuse the bomb. 

KTANE crew:

  • Purell
  • Spriggan
  • Warren
  • Echo
  • David
  • Salsa
  • Missing Asian
  • Me

What I find so amazing is how much Salsa manages to crew up certain things during game play.

Example #1 – Passcode

So usually, Warren is placed in charge of finding out the passcode, and he usually does this quite fast. However, Salsa is not aware of this, even after about 5-10 levels of this happening:

Salsa: “OK, so I need Warren to do the passcode…[names off all the other tasks].”

***30 seconds later***

Warren: “I have the passcode.”

Salsa: “OK, can I have Morse Code?”

***1 minute later***

Warren: “I can just tell you the passcode.”

Salsa: “Simple Wires?”

***3 tasks and 3 minutes later***

Salsa: “Can I have the passcode?”

Warren: “‘Still'”

***5 seconds later***

Salsa: “OK WE DID IT.”

Example #2 – Complex/Complicated Wires

The module is called Complicated wires, but Salsa keeps calling it Complex Wires. Why doesn’t anyone correct him? Actually, we do.

Salsa: “Can I have Complex Wires?”

David: “Actually, it’s Complicated Wires, and cut the first and second wires.”

***Repeat the above for every single level***

14th of October 2015 – Wednesday

Nothing Happened.

I finished Luther.

I’m sad.

But also, I saw Warren walk out of the flat at around 19:00 then come back around 3-4 hours later looking tired. Turns out, he made an order for Indian food to be delivered, but it never came because the driver couldn’t find the place, so the order was eventually cancelled via live chat with the company through which he made the order: Hungry House. However, Warren was hungry, and one messed up delivery wasn’t enough to dampen his spirits. No, he ordered again through the same company, but with a different restaurant. Soon after the order was placed, he was told it would take an extra 30 minutes or something along those lines. However, it was way overdue once again. This time, it was because the driver left the food at a DIFFERENT place. They offered to give Warren his food, but after thinking about it, he decided to cancel that order.

15th of October 2015 – Thursday

Nothing happened.

16th of October 2015 – Friday


Nothing happened over the weekend too, sOOOOOO

19th of October 2015 – Monday

Today, I was notified that my class was cancelled when I was a minute away from the building.

Also, I went to lunch with Warren, and on the tube, there was an ad for…

Drum roll please…

Shit, you can’t read it that well…


With the tone of a child who had just found out that the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, and God don’t exist, Warren said in regards to this ad and the food, “It looks fantastic.”


  1. Never order through Hungry House

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