Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #17 “Super Oppressed Ppl”

Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #17 “Super Oppressed Ppl”

6th of October 2015 – Tuesday

When we went to the National Gallery today, as my group presented on this artist, Francesca, Machete (professor) snapped at David, because he had his phone out. He attempted to BS, saying that he was taking notes, but Machete quickly responded that we’re supposed to be taking notes by hand anyway. All’s well though. David’s a grown man, so naturally, this didn’t bother him too much.

After class, we went to this amazing place called Koshari Street. I love it. If it weren’t for Warren, I never would’ve experienced the mixed texture goodness that is Koshari.

From interwebs
From interwebs

Once we got back to the flat, David had to use the bathroom, but he came out immediately.

“There’s poop on your toilet,” he said.

Warren went to check and confirmed that there was indeed poop on the toilet. It wasn’t IN the toilet. It was ON the toilet. We attempted to find out who did it, but no one fessed up. The only one who wasn’t in the flat was Mustache, but even then, we knew it couldn’t really be him.

When I went to check, Salsa picked up the poop and threw it at… David… Me… I don’t really know, but the point is that he TOOK it with his HANDS and THREW it. How could he do something so disgusting? Well it isn’t really disgusting, because it wasn’t poop. I mean, some people noted that it kind of looked like paper towels rolled up, but you can never be too careful. Turns out, it was just a prank Salsa wanted to pull. Just before he left for his date with Purell, he decided it would be a good idea to roll up some paper towels and put them on the toilet seat. He’s a genius, I know. Who else could’ve thought of that?

Later, I went back to my room with my boyfriend, and-

OK from now on I’m just gonna call him Chef in the Cut, because calling him my boyfriend makes me cringe.

So I went back to my room with Chef in the Cut, and I get a message from Chilipino with a link. This is what it brought up:

If you were too lazy to watch this or something didn’t work, I’ll summarize it for you. It’s basically a song about the Blarney Stone. Chilipino has this absurd obsession with kissing it, and he never shuts up about it.

7th of October 2015 – Wednesday

Nothing happened.

8th of October 2015 – Thursday

Nothing happened.


Salsa showed me videos of Goat Simulators and GTA.

9th of October 2015 – Friday

Missing Asian, Warren, and I attempted to go to a tea place called Yum Chaa (?) that was 7 minutes away from Accent after class, but it was closed due to some construction (not directly on the store itself, but nearby I believe). We went to Ryman’s afterwards, and Missing Asian found a Pho place “nearby.” How near? Definitely closer than Yum Chaa is to Accent. So less than 7 minutes.

It took us about 9 minutes to get there, because we made a wrong turn.

Later that day…

We went to Vapiano.

And I did this:

I know, it’s beautiful. …

Oh wait… This is the original:

Basically, at Tate Modern, we saw that these description plaques were just there, so we pretended that the blank wall was the piece of art that one of them was describing. We got some people to look at it with us. We did the same thing with a huge set of doors. It was a gweat toime.

10th of October 2015 – Saturday

Nothing… happened?

Wait, Chilipino showed me this game. It’s called Super Oppressed Ppl. It’s very short. Takes less than 5 minutes to play really.

Warren also made pancakes. I’m thinking about starting a religion based on them.

11th of October 2015 – Sunday

Went to Chipotle with Warren. They didn’t have the Sofritas option that I usually get, but that’s OK, because I ended up getting the Veggie option, and with that option, I get free Guacamole.

After that, Salsa and I competed for who was worse at history. We didn’t keep track of points or anything like that, so we still don’t know who’s worse.

12th of October 2015 – Monday

I’m running on an hour of sleep.


I ended up sleeping from 17:30 – 00:30. I don’t know how it happened, but that meant that I missed dinner.

Warren gave me a muffin, but I still needed to get food for tomorrow, so we (Echo, Warren, Chef in the Cut, and me) decided to go to Sainsbury’s. I changed into a sweater, pajama pants, and a beanie feeling slightly ridiculous. That is, until I walked into the flat next door and saw Warren and Echo wearing beanies, sweaters, and comfortable looking pants. Because of our outfits, people steered clear of us. It felt liberating.


  1. Best Prank: roll up paper towels and make it look like poop and just place it somewhere. It’s ingenious.
  2. Stare at blank walls at modern art museums.
  3. Photoshop when bored.
  4. If you’re going out after midnight for a Sainsbury’s run, get a group together and wear beanies and hoodies.

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