Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #16 “Netflix OR Chill?”

Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #16 “Netflix OR Chill?”

This might become a weekly thing.

1st of October Thursday

So today in class, we were talking about curating urban memory. Salsa suggested monuments, and our professor, Pita, asked him, “What kind of sculpture were you thinking of?” From the slight hesitation and long silence after this question, it seemed like Salsa hadn’t the slightest idea. Nope. That wasn’t the case. After about 3-4 seconds, Salsa said, “I did some doodles,” and handed him his notebook. Pita seemed really confused, yet entertained. He tried to understand what Salsa drew, saying, “Very abstract… forms vaguely kind of curvilinear and of cubic forms.” To this, Salsa replied, “I think it’s because I went to the Tate Modern recently.”

Then we looked at tweets regarding the Jack the Ripper Museum, the museum’s PR said ignorant comments relating to how what Jack the Ripper did wasn’t sexual violence, because there is no proof that the women were sexually abused. Word Problems actually agreed with this guy, but Pita responded, “Uh, that’s not the case. It’s hard to prove that it wasn’t sexual violence, because he very much targeted women and the way he removed their organs was very specific to them.” Word Problems, naturally, had to give a lengthy justification to her comment, saying, “Well, I was just trying to play devil’s advocate.” She said more, but I zoned out. It probably wasn’t that important.

2nd of October Friday

So our theatre teacher… At first, we questioned his gullible act, thinking that he was “performing,” but that’s really not the case. He really is just naïve in many sense. He asked our class, “What’s Tindo? What’s Netflix or chill?”

Netflix OR chill. I offered to explain it to him, but he declined, saying that he’ll just ask his daughter at dinner.

Also, Mustache and Marijuana had no idea what context the play the night before took place in. It took place in Australia, but they kept referring to African colonies.

Then, Mustache said the word, “ironical.” I don’t think that’s a word.

Word Problems tried going on a long tangent about how predictable and lengthy the play was, but before she could get another sentence in, our theatre teacher shut her down, saying, “Excellent, now let’s hear from someone else.” That someone else was Neck Rolls, but what he had to say was “It was lengthy and predictable.”


Later that day, Flannel Friday Crew went to Vapiano for dinner. Missing Asian got a calzone, not knowing what a calzone was. So when he got his meal, he thought they folded it because they “fucked up.” Also, he isn’t very aware that plaid is called plaid. He calls it the “checkered pattern.”

Nothing happened over the weekend really besides this thing I did.


So my mom…


  1. Know what you’re ordering so you don’t humiliate yourself when you try to describe it to others.
  2. Know your terms before you use them.
  3. Don’t claim to be the Devil’s Advocate when you’re mainly agreeing with a PR who’s trying to defend a terrible museum for Jack the Ripper.

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