Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #15 “The Cliffs of Dover”

Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #15 “The Cliffs of Dover”

28th of September 2015

I was supposed to write this post yesterday, but I was tired and lazy. Last night, I (successfully) predicted that I wouldn’t be doing anything worth mentioning today, so today would be the ideal day to write about Dover. So here I am.

Dover Group:

  1. Me
  2. Chilipino
  3. Warren
  4. Echo
  5. Salsa
  6. David
  7. Blossom
  8. Spriggan (Celtic version of “sprite” as in the creature)
  9. Purell (fake name, and I chose this one, because she had hand sanitizer and offered it to everyone at least 5 times yesterday, I s2g)
  10. The Indian
  11. Missing Asian

Dover: Part 1 – The Night Before and Getting Ready

So I was locked out of my flat Saturday night, so I stayed up until 3:00 stressing out about how I would be able to get ready in the morning for Dover if I couldn’t even get to my room.

OK, I left my key in my room, but I also had the doorstop in. Whoever took it out, let me explain something to you: I’m allowed to take out the doorstop when I’m in the flat, because my room is right next to the front door. If anyone knocks, I’ll be able to hear it. I knocked on the door. No one heard me, because the next closest room is too far away for any knocking to be heard.


Even though my original plan was to stay up all night and wait for Spriggan to open the door, my boyfriend told me to go to sleep, offered me his bed, and let me use his coat as a blanket.

At around 6:45 on Sunday, we all gathered in the lobby. Well, not quite. Some of us were missing because of miscommunication. In the group chat, Spriggan said that Blossom and Purell just woke up, so Warren and Chilipino didn’t come up right away, because they were waiting for someone to respond to Warren’s question about whether they were ready or not.

Dover: Part 2 – ClusterFuck

Due to the delay in getting everyone together, we ended up not being able to take the bus we wanted to take (I think that’s what happened), and the next bus wouldn’t be around for another 30 minutes. So, we went to the Underground station, but all the trains were closed. I don’t know why they were closed. Probably because of a strike or something.

Anyway, we hurried to the next bus that would take us directly to Victoria. On the way there, we saw a taxi and stopped it. Only 5 people could get in, so Missing Asian, The Indian, Blossom, Spriggan, and Purell got into the taxi and were on their way to Victoria Coach Station.

Meanwhile, we continued towards the bus stop. On the way there, we thought about having them stall the bus driver and thought of the ways we would stall the bus driver if we were in their position. Warren and Salsa mentioned things like faking pregnancy and what not. I honestly can’t remember at the moment.

Please note, we either fast walked or ran everywhere. Why is this an issue? I was carrying a ton of shit, so while I was sprinting everywhere, not only was I exhausted due to a lack of sleep but also falling behind everyone because of the weight of my coat and bag. I said it before, and I’ll say it again. It was the worst thing that’s every happened to me since I started using birth control.

We finally got onto a bus. At one point, the bus driver was yelling, “Get off the Platform. …..Stairs….. Yes I’m looking at you.”

When we got to the bus stop, we only had about 10 minutes to get there and it was an 8 minute walk, so what did we do? Sprint.

Since I was behind all of them anyway, I decided to take pictures.
I tried again once we got closer to the station.
It was 7:25, and as you can see, we were passing terminal 4. You can also see that the terminals are not that far away from each other. You can also see that we’re still fucking sprinting.


Well, we got there on time, and that’s all that matters.

Dover: Part 3 – Before the Cliffs

So, we didn’t immediately go to the cliffs once we got there. I mean, why would we rush? We were going to be there for 11 fucking hours.

First, we went to get food, and one of the cashiers refused to let Chilipino use a swiping card, even though another person was able to use it.

The Playground

Yes, we went to a playground, because why not? There were a lot of cool things, and it was one of the best playgrounds I’ve been to. I’m actually pissed that I didn’t get to see a playground like this when I was younger, but oh well.

David in his natural habitat.

David and Salsa were told by some adults to leave, because it’s a place for kids, and they were setting bad examples for the children.

OK, but I mean. The children that are allowed to play on this playground do shit like this:

Malformed middle finger, representing the growing obscenities in the world today. Soon to be shown in the Tate Modern.
These kids are in a cult.

The Beach

It was nice. It was fun. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Just Kidding.

Most of us just played with the rocks and threw them into the ocean.

Dover: Part 4 – (finally) The Cliffs of Dover

It was a nice hike up there. We kind of went back and forth between sitting, trying to catch up to Spriggan and David, making sure Blossom wouldn’t fall to her death, and avoiding stepping in shit.



Chalk Drawings

The pictures explain themselves.

Warren’s Back. Artist: Renee
Artists: Renee & Warren


Most of us (not Missing Asian…hehehe he was missing) went down into these tunnels used during WWII, and it was pretty cool.

Lighthouse – The End of Our Hike/ The Beginning of Our Descent

We stopped for a break/tea at the lighthouse, and that’s where most of us decided we would start heading back. All I remember is Warren repeating that he was hungry several times.

We didn’t head back right after people finished their tea and scones. Some played with the soccer ball. Some played with the Morse code thing. Some (Me and Warren) stood around waiting to leave.

Chilipino telling someone that he/she/they/xi/bun is a cunt.

On the way back down, we took time to sit down again, sometimes all together, sometimes in small groups, and we listened to music. Of course, at one point, we listened to Eric Johnson’s Cliffs of Dover. We listened to other music too, like Bohemian Rhapsody and random British songs.

It was a gweat time.

Dover: Part 5 – Back in Town

We went to The Best Kebab and Pizza.

At some point, we heard Blossom say, “You’re joking, right?” to the guy working there, and Salsa thought she was being stupid and was asking about garlic sauce.

I mean, he was wrong, of course. It’s Salsa we’re talking about.

She was just saying that she wanted more than one kind of sauce, and he said that was not possible and that no one does that.

Regardless, Blossom got it her way.

I also need to throw in that in the bathroom at the restaurant, there was a huge spider, according to Salsa.

Blossom and Chilipino hesitated.

Spriggan said there was no spider.


After we were done eating, we went back to the bus stop. It was cold, so we got into a big penguin huddle thing for a bit. We stopped after like a minute, because it was weird.

Then, there was this huge spider, and we freaked out. Some wanted to kill it, but others said they shouldn’t, because its evil spider babies will take revenge… something along those lines.

Dover: Part 6 – Getting Back

Basically, everyone fell asleep on the bus or at least tried to. It was hard for some of us to sleep, because

  1. There was a guy who played music through his iPhone speakers. He didn’t use earphones like a normal person would.
  2. There was a guy who
    1. smelled like cigarettes
    2. talked loudly in Russian (I think)

With sleep or no sleep, we finally got back to London.


What about today, you ask?

We had to go to the Museum of London: Docklands for English, and we stayed 30 extra minutes. It sucked. I hated it.


  1. Try not to miss your bus.
  2. Traveling with friends is always a good idea.
  3. If you look down a cliff and think you could fall down it without dying, you’re wrong.
  4. Bring earphones if you’re going to listen to music publicly.
  5. Maybe bring a clothespin to put on your nose so you won’t have to smell people.
  6. Don’t leave your key inside your flat. Even if you left a doorstep in, because chances are, one of your flatmates will probably take it out without thinking.

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