Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #14 “Tate Modern”

Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #14 “Tate Modern”

25th of September 2015

I know I’ve been terrible at updating this blog, but that’s only because the same kinds of things happen everyday now, so there really is no point in putting it in. I think I’ve said that before, but I’ll say it again.

Anyway, I went to some weird place yesterday called Caravanserai, and I wrote a BS flowery blog post on it, but it was literally the most ridiculous place I’ve ever been to.

The place was closed for another 5-10 minutes when the class arrived, so our professor decided to take us on a walk around the area.

Sounds pretty OK, right? Ha, no.

We basically walk around this shady area, and we come across this piece of fence that was torn down. Our brilliant professor decided the best thing to do was walk through this broken down part and enter the fenced area. As my classmates followed him, some reluctant, some not giving two fucks, I hear Salsa say, under his breath, “No, Pita (professor), what the fuck are you doing? People smoke weed in there.”

We still follow him anyway, cause why the fuck not?

There wasn’t much to see, cause it was basically a shithole. There were some pathetic plants, and the ground was iffy, but whatever. No one really cared, but Adverse Chamber was being a little bitch about it, saying “Are we allowed in here? Uh, I really don’t want to walk in here, because my shoes will get dirty.”

After that, we continued walking around, and our professor had us walk across a freeway, and some of us almost got ran over by bicyclists, even though Salsa kept yelling, “BIKE BIKE BIKE BIKE!”

Finally, we got to the freaking Caravanserai place, and it was basically a garden meets playground meets market meets cemetery. It was an all natural place that reuses anything and everything to make things like an artificial palm tree or some mobile gardens. I was fascinated by the place, but in that “oh my god what the fuck” way.

There was this fucking graveyard thing, and it was so scary. David, Salsa, and I were scared we were going to get murdered by some cult.

We also went near this little rectangular pond thing, and Salsa felt the need to tell this story about how there were tadpoles, and two of them grew into frogs. One frog ate all the tadpoles, and the bigger frog ate the smaller frog.

On the tour we had to go on for this place (in which everything there is to see can bee seen in five minutes), some questions had to be asked in a fucking brick igloo thing.

The tour guide asks, “Why do you think I had them ask their questions in there?”

Some of my classmates say, “blah blah blah makes it louder blah blah blah.”

And the tour guide says, “Exactly,” and walks into the fucking igloo thing and asks, “can you hear me better in here?”

“Yes,” the majority says to humor him.

After the tour, there’s literally nothing to do for the next 30 minutes of class time, so they take us through the ghetto (not my word to reclaim), where windows are broken in and there are numbers spray painted on to the buildings.

Anyway that was that.

Today, I went to Tate Modern cause Theatre class.

Before exploring the museum, we gathered in this learning center, where our professor explained to us what we needed to do. Since it was so early in the morning (10:30 ish), I saw some people doze off, such as Missing Asian.

It was a cluster fuck in a good way.

So there was this egg being video taped, and the video was shown on a monitor. Salsa wanted to see if it was really recording or something along those lines, so he waved his paper in front of the camera, and the alarm went off.

Overall, it was more fun than I expected it to be.

For lunch, we went to this amazing pizza place. Warren and Salsa were obsessed with getting bread or something. From what I (think I) heard, they talked about swoocing in right after someone nearby finishes their meal, taking any leftover bread. If no one was seating nearby, they discussed giving some girls a flirtatious smile, so they would sit near us, not finish their food, and leave bread for Salsa and Warren to take.

So that was that.

At this point, you must be wondering, “Why do you have fake names for people when it’s so obvious who these people are and when you post pictures of them anyway?”

The answer to this question is simple: I don’t fucking know. I thought it would be funny to have fake names for people. Oh, I just thought of a reason now. Not many people right now know about my blog within the program, so when we talk about my blog in front of them, we could just use their fake names. OK, that was a bullshit reason, and please do not come to me talking about this segment of today’s blog post. My answer to the whole “why the fake names” thing will just be “I don’t fucking know, I thought it would be funny.”


1. Learn self-defense, just in case you have a professor in the future who will take you to sketchy areas where you can possibly get murdered.

2. Don’t wave a paper in front of a video camera recording an egg.


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