Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #13 “Because They Like You More”

Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #13 “Because They Like You More”

22nd of September 2015

Somehow, it ended up being that Sandy, Lindsay, and I went to go to the Museum of London together. As a group. All three of us.


So citymapper told me to take Waterloo & City to Bank then Central to St. Paul’s, and that actually could’ve worked.

Why didn’t it?

Sandy and I were uneasy when we didn’t have to touch our cards to get to the platform. Lindsay said she’s used the Waterloo & City before, but she didn’t mention anything about how she was able to. Because she didn’t speak up, Sandy took us to the Northern Line to catch the Central train on Tottenham, but the thing is, the Central train doesn’t go to Tottenham anymore. Lindsay was so kind as to mention this once we were one stop away from Tottenham. So we had to get off at Tottenham and walk all the way to Holborn. Needless to say, we were late.

Mustache joined us coming outside the station, and when we got to the museum, the groups were already scattered. We got some information from a group and decided to just wait until the meet time the professor set for them.

As we waited, Lindsay said, “We should go with a group,” but Sandy, Mustache, and I said it wasn’t that important, since we don’t have to write an essay about this specific museum. Lindsay saw this as an opportunity to talk about what her essay topic will be: the Hunterian Museum. And we were like, “OK cool.” Then she went on to say why she wanted to do the Hunterian Museum: she likes medical stuff. And we were like, “OK cool.” Then she went on to say that medical stuff is the reason why she chose what she wants to be later in life: a psychiatrist. And we were like, “OK cool.” Then she kept going on about how she wants to be the boss and the difference between psychiatrists and psychologists and therapists is that psychiatrists get more money, and she wants a job that makes her money. And we were like, “OK.”

Finally, it was time to meet up with the class and the professor. Thank God.

OK, so when half of the group met up to discuss the surroundings of the museum, I saw Asian LaGanja try to use his umbrella to pick up a bag of food and bring it closer to him.


After class was over, we went back to the flats, and Sandy and Lindsay started cooking, and Sandy asked if we had a strainer. Lindsay said that we did have one for a bit, but I corrected her saying that I had to borrow the strainer from the flat next door a couple of times. Lindsay then told me that I should ask for it again, and I responded, “You can ask.” Then, all passive-aggressively, Lindsay said, “Well, they like you more, so…” So what, Bitch?

So Mustache was cooking, something happened, and there was smoke, but no worries, the fire alarm didn’t go off.

After dinner and essay submissions, everyone finally got together to plan the trip to Krakow. The flights… included 7 hour layovers, but the time were surprisingly good.

“I’m trying to get us good times, they’re just a little bit interesting.”



  1. You want something? Get it on your own.
  2. Use an umbrella to get stuff.

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