Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #10 “I’m Only Sleeping”

Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #10 “I’m Only Sleeping”

14th of September 2015

Renee, why haven’t you posted in a couple of days?


If I did post in the past couple of days this is how it would’ve looked:

Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 12th of September 2015

I watched AHS.

Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 13th of September 2015

I haven’t slept at all today and watched AHS.

So yeah.

Well, I mean, something did happen yesterday with Halsey, and I was going to talk about it, but I slept at 18:00 yesterday, sooooooooo.

OK. So this thing about Halsey… sigh.

OK. These are Halsey’s tweets.

What I understood:

There will be hair dying. Everyone will get free entry, and if I’m early enough, I’ll get shit.

What I didn’t understand:

What’s the event that we’ll get entry to?

What happened:

People got the shit. People got their hair dyed. What did everyone get entry to? A raffle. If you weren’t part of the first 100 people to show up, there really was no point in arriving earlier than 11:00. But people came anyway and waited for hours. To see Halsey (from afar). It was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever taken part in. I’m only mad, because no one knew what the entry was to. She should’ve been clearer about how

1. It was just a raffle and there wasn’t much more and she would be around to hang out after the dying if possible.

2. Coming early after the first 100 did not guarantee more than just a ticket for the raffle.

So honestly, if I had known more about the event this is what I would’ve done:

1. Come at 11:00 and get my ticket.

2. Leave and come back at 13:00 to participate in the raffle.

What I did instead:

1. Came at 9:00 on a SUNDAY.

2. Waited in line uncomfortably until 13:15.

I mean, this event was an amazing opportunity, but she really could have been more clear to save people from waiting too long or getting too disappointed.

Also, besides the overall structure and organization of the event, I was pissed off to have to listen to a group of teenage girls sing obnoxiously and cry over one person. I get it. She’s great. She’s talented. She’s beautiful. She’s an amazing person. She saved lives with her music. However, she is just a person. There’s no need to get hysterical over never getting to meet her.

OK that was my rant on my Sunday.

Today, I went to English, and it was basically a debate over gentrification. Oh My Goodness. It was so funny. Echo and Adverse Chamber gave two very well-constructed arguments against it, while my side was left flailing.

Also, freaking Word Problems. So, we went to Brixton and there was this huge painting of David Bowie, and she goes, “OH MY GOD. I LOVE David Bowie.” And she takes pictures with the painting.

We get to class, and she mentions the painting, saying, “There was that huge painting of that famous musician… what was his name?… Oh I forget…”

Honey, when you love someone, I’m pretty sure you would remember his/her/xim/xer/bun/etc.’s name. I like David Bowie, and I still remembered his name.

Anyway, after class, I had lunch with David and Salsa, and I learned some interesting shit about Salsa that I’m not entitled to share with others. Also, freaking Missing Asian (He is called this because he was missing at CalSo and he’s been hard to find recently) kept David awake trying to catch him sleep talking. He kept asking David stupid questions to test if he was sleep talking, and David answered to keep MA quiet, but it didn’t really work.

I also went to Starbucks today, and they spelled my fucking name wrong, even though I spelled it out for them.

Embedded image permalink

Then I made lasagna today, but it was really expensive… cheese is so expensive.

Displaying image1.JPG

Chef Renee in the cut.

Directions here.

Anyway, IDK if more to come because Museums essay.

Happy Monday!


1. Make the pasta. Make it. But you can use less cheese to save money. Also 250 grams ~= 1 cup. 500 grams = 1 pound. 28-30 grams = 1 ounce.

2. Don’t stay up all night for an event you don’t know too much about.


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