Just Renee #1 “We’re Going to Try This Again”

April 25, 2016

Yes, you guessed it. I’m back. The blog is back.

This is going to be so terrible for many reasons.

  1. I forgot all the formatting I usually do for these blog posts.
  2. My life is no longer interesting. I’m no longer traveling.
    1. I only ever hang out with Warren.
  3. I don’t know my writing style anymore.

So this is the last week of instruction for the Spring 2016 semester. My Phase 1 is on Friday, but the thing is, I DON’T HAVE MUCH CONFIDENCE IN THIS NEW SYSTEM.




Well, I’ll try to spend these next few days, weeks, months, maybe years, catching up on what’s been happening.

Now I’ve realized that I forgot everyone’s fake name.

Anway, I’m busy. I’ll come back to this eventually.


I went to late night for the first time with Alina and Meghan, and yes, I’m done using fake names, because I lack creativity now. Whatever. This blog isn’t for you. It’s for who? Just Renee.

There we go.

So where was I?

When I told Meghan and Alina that I hadn’t gone to late night before, at the same time, they whipped their heads in my direction in complete shock.


So we went.

And naturally, Alina, (BTW the Alina question of the day is: How do you find molecular weight?), botched up our order slightly. God bless the woman, because she used her meal points to get us all this food, but she was supposed to order 2 eggs, 2 chocolate chip pancakes, 2 cookies, and 1 waffle.

“OK, so can we get… 2 chocolate chip pancakes, 2 eggs, one waffle, 2 cookies – ”

Meghan: “How many chocolate chip pancakes are you getting? For whom?”

*This throws Alina off track*

Alina: “So yeah that and one cheese omelette – ”

Meghan: “Who’s the cheese omelette for?”

Alina: “Renee”

Meghan: “She wanted waffles.”

Me: “Yeah I wanted waffles.”

Alina: “oh… Yeah can you take the cheese omelette out?”

The guy: “…uh…”

Us: “…”

The guy: “…”

Alina: “You know what? Just keep it in.”

The guy: “OK, and you want a waffle?”

Me: “Yes.”

And that’s how we ended up with 2 chocolate chip pancakes, 2 eggs, 2 cookies, one cheese omelette, and 2 waffles.

On the way back from late night, we all talked about our first impressions of Theron.

Basically we got:

  • 2 for “I really didn’t like him at first.” (Mine was actually “I hated him.”)
  • 1 for “I thought he was really nice.”
  • 2 for “he’s crafty”
  • 1 for “I remember when he asked if I was Jewish.”

It was a good night.

I got Theron chocolate chip pancakes, so my hands were full, and I somehow managed to be able to text the following in front of his door for a few minutes:


“Theron. Theron.”

“I’m. Outside.”



Him: “Coming.”


“Theron. ”



“I’m outside your for.”


“I don’t want to bother Jason.”



“Want me knox”

“I can”


  1. Don’t get addicted to sugar
  2. Try to get lost in Dwinelle, it’s fun.
  3. If the chair isn’t mean to rock back in a way that you won’t fall off it if you try to rock back, don’t rock back on it or else you’ll almost die.
  4. Never miss Beyonce day at Zumba, you’ll regret it.

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