Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #1 “Lights Out in London”

Study Abroad: London Fall 2015 #1 “Lights Out in London”

3rd of September 2015

So I’m starting this blog, because too many funny things happen out here that I just need to share.

This isn’t so much a cultural thing as a more personal thing. I’ll mainly talk about my own experiences rather than any eye-opening general things.

So to catch up to what’s happening now…

– This is my 3rd week here

– First week: stupid orientation things. Observation: there are way too many Pret a Manger’s, EAT.’s, Costa’s, and Caffe Nero’s.

– Second week: first week of classes. Calculus teacher is super old and looks like the guy from up. He is left handed and his hand shakes when he writes so basically, I gave up on taking notes in that class.

I’ve gone to a couple of clubs and gotten way more drunk than I intended to.

Scary story – I got cat called in a Sainsbury (Grocery Store) and instead of taking the short route home (1 minute walk) I took a longer, even scarier way home (15 minute walk) because the scary guys who cat called me in the Sainsbury were blocking the short path home.

I don’t have a fucking dining table in my flat, so I have even more reason to go to my friends’ flat next door. Basically, I don’t even live in my own flat. I haven’t even slept there a few times.

I even conflict with my flatmates sometimes… well I do so vicariously through one of my flatmates, (fake name) Sandy, who got super pissed about our flatmates eating her food without permission. When she confronted the main perpetrator about it… let’s call her Virginia… everyone in our flat got scared of Sandy. They would come up to me, complaining about her, and say, “Renee, can you please tell Sandy to put her stuff in clearly labeled places? We sometimes accidentally eat her food.” Uh, little did these girls know that Sandy was in her room the whole time listening to them talk shit about her. So it was quite funny seeing her blow up about that.

One of the main flatmates I get super pissed at, let’s call her Lindsay, is so fucking weird. So I was having a fight with my boyfriend and I started talking to my guy friend, Warren (fake name), a lot, and she just randomly comes up to me and asks, “So are you doing stuff (sexual things I assumed) with Warren?” I was so shocked. Who asks that randomly? Anyway, I told Warren about it, and turns out, she’s forced herself on him before and has this weird obsession with him. Oops.

OK, next item up for discussion: The food here is way too expensive. I’ve ended up seducing my way to getting my boyfriend to cook for me.

Next, I was excited to see that my relatively cheap men’s razor works with my extra female blades that I brought from the USA.

Random British stuff I guess –

– I’m starting to get really good at guessing who the Americans are (just look for where the most noise is.)

– I say sorry to chairs.

– I’m asked “Are you alright” a million times.

– I get super pissed when people stand on the left side of the escalator in the tube.

– Why is there no cinnamon? no turkey? no molasses?

– Why is everything so fucking small?

I don’t have much to talk about seeing as I spend most of my time talking with my friend in the flat next door and “talking” with my boyfriend.

So why start writing this blog today? Why today? TODAY?

What inspired me was shocking (literally).

I tried to unplug my laptop charger, got electrocuted, and took the power out of my flat (fixed that though. Yay switch boards). So that was embarrassing.

Naturally, my friends are all males, whom are insensitive, and they made jokes:

“Hey Renee, to balance out your negativity in your right side, you should take a fork with your left hand and stick it in the outlet.”

“Renee, when you work with the switchboard, look at the switch that is out of place, and turn all the other switches to match it.”

When I told my friends in America about it, they told me I should start writing a blog. So I did. Cheers.

Random Tips for College/Traveling/etc:

1. Pack light, don’t bring what you can buy, make sure you have cash money, always have a separate bag for your documents, don’t pack heavy. I repeat – pack light. Bring things that would be way too expensive to buy though or too hard to find (like cinnamon)

2. Force yourself to go out and talk to people. It’s worth it.

3. You have a lot of free time in college, but don’t fuck around too much. Use your time wisely young ones. Enjoy and be productive but also get lots of rest.

4. Be careful when unplugging things.

5. Cooking is so much cheaper. Make sure you have Tupperware so you can cook once and store for later. This is cheap and saves time. Also, pay attention to expiration dates.

6. Have medication with you at all times. I use a small pill case to carry my shit around.

7. Use Q-tips for shit other than cleaning your ears. I use them as makeup brushes when I don’t care too much about how makeup would look that day.

8. Youtube How-To’s are great. Just saying.

9. WAIT until your first class to buy books. Really. Please do. I’ve made the mistake of spending over $100 on a book that was a free PDF online.

10. You may not have to print everything so I wouldn’t worry too much about buying a printer.

11. If you’re going to the club, drink at home, pay for entry. It’s much cheaper to drink at home. Trust me. Also, look at a club’s website before going. I found out a way to get free entry by doing this.

12. Go to events your RA invites your floor to. There’s free food, and usually this free food is better than the food in your meal plan.

If you have any questions, comments, etc. you can message me about them or reblog this.

– Renee


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